Aida Deary- Sugaring Education

Aida Deary is an accomplished beauty consultant with over 20 years of experience in Haircare, Body Sugaring, skincare, and makeup artistry. She maintains multiple licenses and certifications as a Body Sugaring Practitioner, a Cosmetologist, and an Esthetician and balances tried and true practices with fresh and innovative ideas. She is a firm believer in continuous education and keeps up to date with the latest styling techniques by attending 3-4 workshops per year. She is avid about making her clients feel like the best, most empowered versions of themselves which means she always makes the effort to understand their vision and needs. Aida is also environmentally conscious and uses the safest and highest quality products available in the market. She is now thrilled to share her knowledge, unique experiences, and passion with student estheticians and others who are pursuing careers in cosmetology and beauty!